Ring Press is an online music publishing site for handbell arrangements and compositions. It’s a better, faster, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly way to get wonderful music for your bell ensemble.

How many copies do I need to buy?

Your organization only needs to purchase a license for each piece. You may then print the number of copies you need. The license price is normally about half of what you would pay for printed music – which lets you stretch your budget much further!

How do I get the music, and how is payment handled?

You can shop for music using a typical online shopping cart. When you are ready to checkout, payment is accepted via credit or debit card using PayPal. Once your payment is finalized, you will be given your download links for the music in PDF format. Instant gratification!

What software do I need to view and print the music?

You will need software like Adobe Acrobat Reader on Macintosh/Windows computers, or the built-in Preview application on the Macintosh. Many other PDF applications are available and should work just fine for viewing and printing the music.

What if I cannot open the files, even after installing a PDF application?

Just email Andrew at editor@ring-press.com. It might not be instant, but we will make sure you get your music – even if it ends up being printed and mailed to you!

What if we use iPads or other tablet computers in our handbell ensemble?

Many of our titles are available in two different formats – one for printing, and one for display on an iPad. Both formats are included in your license. Simply choose the format you need and use the app of your choice on your device to display the music. Some options, like Planning Center’s Music Stand, even allow for the conductor to turn everyone’s pages at once!

I have purchased music from Ring Press in the past – is there a way to see my account activity or re-download previous purchases?

Yes! Once you log into your account, your previous account activity will be listed. Titles you purchase are also listed, and can be downloaded again. Please remember that the license typically belongs to an organization, and usually not to the individual purchasing the music.

I’m a composer/arranger- do you accept submissions?

Yes! Instructions on how to submit your work, as well as details about the process, rights, and compensation are available here. Our composers receive eighty-percent commission on their works, and retain all rights to their compositions and arrangements. Ring Press is a great way to get your music out there and try some music that mainstream publishers may not consider profitable enough to invest in- or make better royalties than you can get from traditional publishers.